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It is known that Devi, Fela, and Mola are good friends as well. He teaches Kvothe artificery in The Name of the Wind.

He enters Kvothe's narrative in Tarbean as an eccentric old man who will tell any story asked of him. Impatient to capture the moon, Jax built a crooked mansion and called to the moon by playing a sad song on a magic flute found in the tinker's pack.

Kvothe unknowingly speaks to this entity, and may have been affected by its revelations. Kvothe's rival at the University, and the firstborn son of a powerful and wealthy baron. Kilvin is Cealdish, with thick shoulders and a bristling black beard.

Beobrand is a perfect character toWhen he visits home

With these, he took her partially prisoner, which in this story explains the lunar cycle. Kvothe serves for a time as his adviser and occasional arcanist. His best friend is in Wessex and Beobrand misses him, but at the end this is what saves his life. Master Namer, an eccentric but brilliant professor, considered insane by most of the students.

When he visits home, he gets to know an important part of his past, namely who his uncle really is. Beobrand is a perfect character to use in the presentation of this time and place. Denna changes her name frequently according to role. Major plot lines running through the series were neatly tied up leaving me eagerly anticipating the fifth installment so I can discover what it is I am so eagerly anticipating.