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That's not to

You don't add anything new and you certainly don't add anything from a perspective that I'm remotely interested in. But you only have to look at the ratings for this series, and the dying hype, to see that along the way, something has gone seriously wrong. What woman can relate to that. Probably because its so unbelievably redundant, and yet it pats itself on the back for being so clever, all the time.

That's not to say that self-serious books can't have dry, funny heroines, but they have to be written smartly, and smart is the last thing this book is. The truth is that this series seriously pisses me off.

Maybe that's over the top granted, as a person, I am fundamentally over the top but I am sick to death of books like this that are nothing but overblown cash-guzzlers. It sounds like a cliche, like a patronizing mockery of women who actually are dryly funny, who stand up for themselves, who are clever with their humour. It was fine and even enjoyable in parts.

The truth is that this series

There is no fire and brimstone in the writing, storytelling, or character arcs. Bye, Felicia the surer I am that something went wrong here.

It's depressing, but not for the reasons that it wants to be. She is displayed to look weak as they travel through Archeon, where she joins him on stage, and is forced to kneel. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal.

There has been no love and devotion put into it. It is a piece of nonsense. It has no place in this sort of self-serious book. But this marks never again.

This book is just such a fucking fail. She is a limp, wet piece of lettuce. Plot Edit The story starts off with Mare under Maven's captivity. At the wedding, chaos strikes as the Scarlet Guard attacks, rescuing Mare.