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Following this, the Japanese began to consider an overland advance on Port Moresby. The river was spanned there by a wire-rope bridge Wairopi being Pidgin for wire rope.

With the concurrence of the Japanese command staff, he ordered Horii to withdraw his troops on the Kokoda Track until the issue at Guadalcanal was decided. The landing was reinforced by successive convoys over the following weeks. The porters were amazing and ever so helpful, whilst I did not have a personal porter I was able to watch someone who did and he was helping his charge every step of the way. The food was great with Shane having conducting cooking classes for his staff and insisting on a very high standard of hygiene. The vegetation is largely dense jungle.

The climate is mostly hot and humid with high rainfall, although the higher parts are cold, particularly at night. It was known before the war and had been used as an overland mail route. Conversely, the Allies believed it was a narrow and largely impassable path that could be blocked and held with only limited resources. Actually, the overland part of this movement had already begun, though it had an entirely different aim.

Having taken time to learn their dialects and join in singing in their native tongue, he truly treats them like family and not a number. Vasey was able to turn the flank and rout the Japanese. With embarkation in late December, they were denied Christmas leave.

Repeated determined attacks caused

As a result, travel north of Port Moresby was largely undertaken by air, or sea. Threatened with encirclement, the force at Oivi withdrew south to Deniki. With this reinforcement, he determined to make a stand on Mission Ridge, running forward from Brigade Hill. One platoon remained at Kokoda. The higher elevations are frequently above cloud level, resulting in fog.

Unable to support both operations, Horii was ordered to withdraw. Repeated, determined attacks caused the Australians to withdraw back to Deniki.

Unable to support both operations Horii