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The point of a landscape analysis is to describe a physical space and understand the processes that made it that way, and this can be done with multiple methods. In this lesson, we'll examine how to perform a landscape analysis in human geography and see how and why they are employed. We need to know how things relate to each other across physical space.

These are all questions you may seek to address in a landscape analysis in order to understand human relationships to the landscape and future usages of it. The organization supports women working in technical fields, as well as the companies that employ them and the academic institutions that educate them. One place to start may be a landscape analysis.

However more recently additional countries have undertaken in-depth country assessments. Specifically within social impact, non-profit leaders tend to be overwhelmed by the task. You can quickly get up to speed on everything from a new field to a new geographic focus, from new trends to not-yet identified competitors. It typically primarily consists of internet research.

Understand the competition With a firm understanding of current needs and expert findings, dive into the market. Aerial photography is a great tool for viewing large-scale space to help identify major patterns of use and development.

Landscape Analysis Imagine that your local government was debating the best use for a large plot of natural space. There are a lot of questions to answer. The Landscape Analysis focuses on countries with high level of chronic undernutrition. Luckily, there's a process to do that.

Evaluate the research results Throughout each phase of research, maintain notes of findings, trends, and additional hypotheses. We are here to help you achieve your goals and be your strategic partner. This was where one of our most recent projects with AnitaB.

YouthBuild approached Cicero Social ImpactIn geography a landscape

YouthBuild approached Cicero Social Impact seeking to increase the number of its participants who achieve successful, full-time employment upon completion of the program. In geography, a landscape analysis is simply a study of a large piece of physical space with the goal of describing it and the processes that made it that way.

Having similar goals, objectives, and core audiences can make it difficult to know how to stand out. Secondary research allows you to explore what experts have said or observed about the topic and to compare their feedback to your original hypothesis.