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And now the police are

And now the police are looking for Kurt. Afraid Kurt is going to loose his second chance at life, she destroys the evidence that links her Alisa Stewart is a mother who lost both her sons - one to death, and other to drug abuse. She also teaches grief seminars. But when a detective arrives at her door following Kurt's call from rehab saying he's turning his life around and staying clean, she can't help but want to protect him. She would have never dreamed this would be how her life was, one son dead, another son a junkie, only God knew where he was.

No cash or payment was received for this review. Her oldest son was beaten to death while witnessing to a group at Mardis Gras. However a phone call would change all that. Truly full of twists and surprises this book is a book to read cover to cover.

Afraid Kurt is going to loose

Relieved and excited that he is overcoming his drug habit, she is convinced her family is on the way to being mended. Reeling from the news that the police are looking for Kurt, she truly is overwhelmed. He is a person of interest in a murder investigation. It was a touching story of how one woman dealt with the grief of the loss of her sons, and a beautiful story how there is life after death in Jesus Christ.

Afraid Kurt is going to loose his second chance at life, she destroys the evidence that links her son to the murder the detective keeps asking questions about. The contrasts between the characters that are Alisa's sons was a great pull for me in this book, and I enjoyed her character development as well as the relationship with her husband. It brought me to tears at times. However there are twists and turns around each corner. Give up her son who has become a better person, to save a boy that didn't deserve a second chance.

At first, I was distracted by the story being told in first person, but as the book progressed it lent charm to the story and I really got into it. This book will grab your attention.