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Life Cycle Assessment of Forest Products by Gustav Sandin download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Not every factor, however, can be reduced to a number and inserted into a model. However, because of aspects like differing system boundaries, different statistical information, different product uses, etc.

The accuracy and availability of data can also contribute to inaccuracy. The need for credible and transparent environmental product information is likely to increase. Energy Cannibalism refers to an effect where rapid growth of an entire energy-intensive industry creates a need for energy that uses or cannibalizes the energy of existing power plants.

Thus during rapid growth the industry as a whole produces no energy because new energy is used to fuel the embodied energy of future power plants. This is sometimes referred to as the boundary critique to systems thinking. These studies consistently show a low emission environmental profile for wood, compared with non-wood products that can serve the same function.

Thus during rapid growth

Life cycle improvement of industrial machineries and equipments including, manufacturing, power generation, transportations, etc. Various methods, such as the avoided burden approach have been proposed to deal with the issues involved. The result shows that the most energy intensive phase for a family car is the usage stage.

This is sometimes