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Perhaps the riddle is better put by asking, not what the man believed at specific points in his life, but rather what faith he embodied throughout his life. His congressional term in planted more seeds that germinated during the five years his political career lay fallow. The compilation concludes with an afterword from Allen C. It would have been nice to see Bennett's own words, rather than an assault on them. Since there are no original essays, and since many of them are decades old, Lincoln scholars will find nothing new in the work.

Democrats extolled the stagnant, ignorant life of the yeoman that Lincoln was fleeing. Lincoln seems, in short, more the father of modern Republicanism than of the modern Democratic Party.

The lack of originality in this compilation becomes even more frustrating when viewed in the light of the fantastic work Fornieri previously has published on Lincoln. There is no discussion of how Lincoln's personal life may have influenced his political experiences and trajectory.

Around women he behaved like a rabbit. Lincoln's American Dream feels too long and is too overpriced for use with undergraduates, even for students in Civil War classes or American political theory.

The ant, who has toiled and dragged a crumb to his nest, will furiously defend the fruit of his labor, against whatever robber assails him. More interesting is the evidence that despite his stubborn defense of this doctrine, Lincoln acted as if contingency and judgment, not necessity, shaped the course of human events.

Perhaps most striking about this compilation

It also made them hate slavery. Abraham Lincoln embodied the American civic religion as Federalists, Whigs, Republicans, and most northerners knew it or came to know it through Lincoln himself. Sadly, Lincoln's American Dream lacks the originality and the creativity of Fornieri's own work. Fornieri's Abraham Lincoln's Political Faith is a superb book. Made so plain by our good Father in Heaven, that all feel and understand it, even down to brutes and creeping insects.

Overall the collection presents a

Perhaps most striking about this compilation is what the editors left out. Overall, the collection presents a conservative view of Lincoln. DiLorenzo, Rogan Kersh, and George Anastaplo describe Lincoln as a great centralizer, one who harnessed the power of the federal government to make social change for good or for ill.