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That was the last major action in County Wexford. In late a number of Protestant families from the Palatinate region of Germany were settled on the lands of Abel Ram of Gorey, a large landowner, at Old Ross and at Gorey. Reports of the numbers killed vary considerably. This modern store has three floors and a cafe that overlooks the square. Moore died that day and was buried at Carnagh.

He was shot dead by the I. Again it was a guerrilla war.

The food is to die for and freshly prepared for you. The Free State side also imprisoned many suspects. There was huge loss of life and blood literally ran in the streets.

Some of the leaders were sentenced to death, but all had their sentences commuted. This spacious store has three floors including an in-store Cafe on the top floor. In Ireland, the Wartime period is referred to as The Emergency. Normal political activity began to take hold in Ireland from this point forward.

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The only survivor was the U-boat's commander. The French Revolution was a big influence on many of the rebels who took part and many were also United Irishmen. Ruins of Selskar Abbey, Wexford. At Karoo what you see is what you get. The famous ballad Boolavogue was written in remembrance of the Wexford Rising.