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Weirdness ensues along the way. Life has continually disappointed Joani, and while she makes every effort to cope, sometimes it's easier to tune out and let things run themselves into potential disaster. Earlier I mentioned the relative lack of plot, and considering what the film wants to be, that's fine. Only Colleen, who escaped the cloying passivity of this small town, has the patience and determination to keep trying.

However, there were one or two tangents I wish had been elaborated upon, and characters I would have liked to spend more time with. If not for herself, then for Jacob, who in the height of the elections is being held up as a symbol of everything that's wrong with America, whether he wants to be or not. She was recognized by the begging basket she carried. Most impressive, though, is that the considerable layers of makeup on his face are never the most interesting thing about him, even if it's what you immediately notice.

It flirts with being too broad early on, but finds balance at exactly the right time, during a quietly fraught talk in which mother and sister only just learn how to see eye to eye. The impression it makes will be small, but hard to forget. Jacob, horribly disfigured and almost angry with himself for not dying, has become an antisocial shut-in, pounding away on a drum set at random hours to keep his demons in check.

Much of this the film

It was founded in by Saint Jeanne Jugan. Much of this the film owes to Timlin, once again fantastic in a complex, layered role. At heart, it's a slight, quirky character drama made with obvious love, a story of finding yourself while helping others do the same, and what it means to be a family. But I might just not be reading it correctly. He digs deep enough that by the end, it's practically irrelevant.

But I must make mention of Ally Sheedy. Again, nitpicking, but I felt like Clark wanted to tell me one thing, then lost interest and moved on. She finds fulfillment in doing God's work, yet her Mother Superior Barbara Crampton can tell something is holding her back.

Knocking on doors, she asked for not only money but also for gifts that were needed, such as food, clothing, wood, and wool. No, the one moment that truly bothered me came in the last ten minutes, during a sudden burst of what I guess you could call action after there's already been a dramatic climax.

It was founded in by Saint