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Lost World of the Agharti by Alec MacLellan download in ePub, pdf, iPad

One of the first modern westerners to investigate the legend of Agharti was the French consular official Louis Jacolliot who wrote some twenty volumes on his researches in the Orient. Others firmly believe the Atlantean survivors were responsible for the construction of Stonehenge and the pyramids. Expeditions left Bristol in the s, but they always came back without proof of the fabled island. The group of Spaniards explored as far as Texas, but could not find any of the fabled, golden cities.

It is said to have sunk beneath the sea, just like the city of Ys according to Celtic tales. In recent times, however, it has been suggested that Hy-Brasil is actually Porcupine Bank, a shoal that actually exists, and can be found kilometers west of Ireland. The author has done a good amount of research on Vril power. He believed that possession of this power would allow his dream of a Thousand Year Reich and he sent scientists and soldiers in search of this lost world.

Roerich also met

Roerich also met a mysterious lama on the Darjeeling-Ghum road in India, and was later told by monks that this lama hailed from Shambala. Apparently, one can fly over Shambala in an aircraft and still miss it, as its frontiers are carefully guarded and protected from being seen. He has examined documents belonging to initiates of the Vril Society.

Centuries later, the New World was still being plundered, and its inhabitants murdered, as the Europeans continued their search for the fabled city. Many of these stories survive to this day. While into the theosophical tradition I think credit should be given to Charles Leadbeater and Alice Bailey.

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