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Lower Ordovician trilobites of the Kirtonryggen Formation, Spitsbergen by Richard A. Fortey download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The lower Member yields the earliest known occurrences of the Illaenoidea, Proetoidea and Scutelluoidea, supporting the hypotheses relating the origin of new major clades to inshore habitats. Google Scholar Williams, M. George and Table Head groups, western Newfoundland. Sequential development of platform to off-platform facies of the great American carbonate bank in the central Appalachians. Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address.

Google Scholar BrezinskiSequence stratigraphy of the Great

Lower Ordovician trilobites of the Kirtonryggen Formation, Spitsbergen. Diversity fluctuations and biogeography of the Ordovician brachiopod fauna in Northeastern Spitsbergen.

Remaining trilobites of the Valhalla Formation. Google Scholar Lehnert, O. Google Scholar Landing, E. An early Ordovician vertebrate. Cambrian-Silurian development of the Laurentian margin of the Iapetus Ocean in Greenland and related areas.

Sequence stratigraphy of the Great American Carbonate Bank. Google Scholar Brezinski, D. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Faunal evidence for oceanic separations in the Palaeozoic of Britain. Google Scholar Harland, W.

Twenty-four taxa are described under open or tentative nomenclature. Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of Ordovician brachiopods from northeastern Ny Friesland, Spitsbergen. Stratigraphic studies of the Watts Bight Formation St. Early Ordovician trilobite communities.

The Middle Ordovician Provenocitum procerulum radiolarian assemblage of Spitsbergen and its biostratigraphic correlation. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. The affinities of early oncocerid nautiloids from the Lower Ordovician of Spitsbergen and Sweden. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. Google Scholar Vallance, G.

Stratigraphy of the Lower Ordovician St. The Ordovician graptolites of Spitsbergen. Lithostratigraphic setting of diagenetic, isotopic, and geochemistry studies of Ibexian and Whiterockian carbonate rocks of the St. Ordovician graptolites from the Valhallfonna Formation, northern Spitsbergen. The Ibexian, lowermost series in the North American Ordovician.