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Lung cancer ct scans just for older heavy smokers dating, weighing risks and benefits

And then there is the anxiety caused by having an abnormality found. It is the leading cause of cancer deaths for U.

Lung cancer scans backed for older, heavy smokers

Widespread screening will likely lead to some deaths because abnormal results are typically followed by biopsies and other invasive tests that sometimes have deadly complications. People also should be told that a normal scan doesn't mean no change is needed. Screening is done in people who do not have any symptoms of cancer.

However, other trials found no benefit from screening. But only two or three actually have lung cancer. The test creates false alarms.

The most important thing anyone can do to reduce their risk of lung cancer is not smoke or use any form of tobacco. Age is also a risk factor. Most lung cancer cases occur in people who smoke or used to smoke.

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But screening carries risks that may outweigh the benefits for everyone except those at higher than average risk for lung cancer, often heavy smokers. Likewise, it is not known if screening would help people who were lighter smokers than those in the studies, or those of different ages. Counseling smokers on how to quit is part of the Cancer Society's guidance. Many people have false alarms that lead to more tests and procedures.

Several years of scans found nothing but last year, one detected cancer. Whether screening would help others isn't known, so scans were not advised for them. New lung cancer screening guidelines from three medical groups recommend annual scans but only for an older group of current or former heavy smokers. Although the latest recommendation of scans is the strongest ever, it also remains limited in scope. Of the patients with scans positive for cancer, underwent lung surgery.

The Cancer Society used to recommend screening with chest X-rays but withdrew that advice in after studies showed they weren't saving lives. But that's still seven or eight times the radiation you'd get from an X-ray, Bach says. This report is for you to use when talking with your health-care provider.

The most effective way to lower lung cancer risk is to stay away from tobacco. Quitting greatly reduces your risk of lung cancer. If you want to prevent lung cancer, sun tach hook up quit smoking. Insurance usually pays for the test for lung cancer screening only if you have a very high risk for developing lung cancer.

Even heavy smokers get only a small benefit from the test. The recommendations go slightly further than preliminary guidance issued last year by the American Cancer Society and targeting current or heavy smokers in the same age range.

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Still, the three groups say those deaths would be far outnumbered by people saved from lung cancer deaths by screening. The new guidelines, announced Friday, are a cautious but exciting step against the world's most deadly cancer, doctors who wrote the advice say. The more radiation you get, the higher your risk of getting cancer.

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That proof may be on the way. Bach says this is false reassurance. Research has not shown that the test helps save lives in low-risk groups. So you should think twice before you get the test. If your risk is low, a false alarm causes unnecessary worry.

Use of this report is at your own risk. The biggest reason for the low survival rate is late-stage detection. But we should not subject people to such tests when we have no objective evidence it will help them. An update is in the works now. Some cancers are discovered that have no important effect on a patient, or ones that never grow big enough to cause a problem, according to Dr.

And it emphasizes that screening is not a substitute for quitting smoking. Some of the most influential guidelines come from a government-appointed panel - the U.

The false alarms often lead to follow-up tests. Most were National Cancer Institute cancer centers. The test may help people at high risk. The guidelines recommend screening only for people who have smoked that much. The cancer society doesn't issue joint guidelines or endorse other group's guidelines, Brawley said.

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