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Compared to her, suave Mr. After Jacobs and Whitmer split, the two began feuding in brutal matches. Afterwards, over a dozen men dressed in black clothing and black masks climbed into the cage and attacked Black, while Jacobs proclaimed that the Age of the Fall was not over. Of course, the personality is gone. Later that night, he attacked Lacey until Tommy Dreamer made the save.

Whitmer made hisThe new offering was lauded

He has been a model prisoner. Aries also turned down the invitation into the group. Jacobs would end up losing that match due to outside interference. At the event Jacobs defeated Kenn Doane.

Everyone in the band does it for the music. He competed as part of an emo tag team with Tyler Black, known as D.

They hung Jacobs upside down above the ring, with Black declaring that the Age of the Fall was finished. Whitmer in what the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter called an instant classic.

Whitmer made his way back from injury and continued his issue with Jacobs. The new offering was lauded by critics and received widespread airplay. He is old and ill now and has expressed his fervent desire to die but the British authorities insist on keeping him alive by means of a feeding tube.