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Criteria are derived from needs expressed by customers. Explain some important features of your software program. Make sure you test all of your criteria and constraints to evaluate the success of your prototype. Students can use images, video, text, sound, or weblinks to document their work.

Position your robot on the paper and mark the edges so you can keep it in the same position. Make a dot to show the center of that expected location.

Make a dot to show the center of the actual location. Mark the location in a different color to show where the robot actually placed the Cuboid. Prepare Prepare your engineering project exhibit board. The exemption to this requirement is if your invention does not pose a risk, and it is being tested only by yourself or your team members.

Encourage students to describe

Students can rate their level of work by adding a mark below the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum column. Review and Revise Take a moment to reflect on your robot solution. The need may be to improve an existing situation or to eliminate a problem. You could even challenge students to identify a Cartesian system on the graph paper and get very specific describing the range of motion, depending on the type of robot that they students created. This review process can help students develop skills in giving constructive feedback as well as sharpening analysis skills and the use of objective data to support an argument.

Superior work will

Encourage students to describe why they have chosen this solution. Superior work will demonstrate tradeoff analyses such as comparing the strength vs. If you will involve humans in your product testing, you will be required to fill out a Human Participant Research Plan. Repeat at least three times. Produce a building guide for your model by taking a series of photographs as you deconstruct it.