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The instructors include asFinally we use

The instructors include, as well as speakers from Lancaster University, external guest speakers who are prominent specialists in their respective fields. Finally, we use a clustering algorithm to group the metaphors by source domain. The programme consists of a series of intensive two-hour sessions, some involving practical work, others more discussion-oriented. To this end, we use a text corpus consisting of opinion pieces from five national German newspapers.

In the following manual cluster analysis, we show that conceptual metaphors are being used throughout the corpus in a systematic way to implicitly categorize and assess the Arab Spring. To get access to the conceptual knowledge structure and the linguistic strategies, we combine text mining methods and cognitive linguistics. We first annotate parts of our corpus for such metaphors. Then, additional genitive metaphors are automatically extracted using an adapted metaphor detection system.

An international group of authors, from cognitive science, philosophy of language and philosophy of law question about how legal theory and pragmatics can enrich each other.