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Initially, the tumor is debulked without an attempt at resection involving the cranial nerves or basal vessels. Such multimodality treatment should result in reduced patient morbidity, with long-term tumor control. Thus, androgens may promote meningioma cell growth via autocrine or paracrine mechanisms that render the cells more sensitive to growth factor-mediated stimuli. Progesterone receptor was detected at high levels in syncytial, transitional, and fibroblastic tumors.

Photomicrographs of in situ hybridization of androgen receptor A and progesterone receptor B in normal adult pachymeninges control tissue. Despite the considerable discrepancies in gender-specific hormone receptor expression in meningiomas, these findings confirm the most consistent data in the literature.

This may reflect the use in some studies of preoperative glucocorticoids, which may bind to and thereby block part of the gender-specific hormone receptors in the tumors. It has also been suggested that high levels of progesterone receptor are to be found in some of the more aggressive tumors. For example, human prostate cancers are often androgen-dependent in the early stages of growth. Ten surgical chapters cover the individual regions of occurrence, including the sphenoid wing, olfactory groove, cerebellopontine angle, etc.

We propose that the presence

These transcripts were detectable Fig. Given the prevalence of androgen receptors in human meningiomas, similar trials using anti-androgen agents are clearly indicated. Alternatively, the conflicting results may reflect the variations in binding assay techniques and in the qualification of binding specificity by competitive studies. Immunocytochemistry failed to detect estrogen receptor protein product. Still, longer follow-up is needed to ensure that tumor growth control remains permanent after radiosurgery.

We propose that the presence of these receptors may contribute to meningioma tumorigenesis. In this study, we have demonstrated the in vivo coexpression of genes encoding androgen and progesterone receptors in a large proportion of primary meningiomas. As such, a wide variety of differential diagnoses is typical, and the therapies chosen are necessarily highly variable.

In this study