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You may be wondering how anything could top this incident. In this case, it was presumably to conceal his identity, should anybody witness the crime. It is, however, amusing and a welcome break from the creepy and horrific crimes that the rest of the Santa Clauses committed.

In his possession

He was badly burned from the use of his homemade flamethrower, with parts of his Santa suit reportedly melted onto his skin. During that time, he was drugged, interrogated, and tortured. South Hackensack Police Department The first item on this list is nowhere near as dire as the entries which follow. Why do these criminals dress up as St.

As he was getting gas for his motorcycle at a convenience store, three sisters noticed the Rudolph and came over to check it out. In his possession were several boxes of candy canes and a unicycle. During this exchange, the police officer noticed a crack pipe in his car and arrested him. Either way, these ten examples of Santa being cruel will make you think twice the next time you hear the ringing of bells.

As he was getting gas for

It shows us that when the wrong person is wearing the suit, Santa Claus can be more concerned with taking things for himself, rather than giving things away. His motorcycle had a sidecar in which his copilot a stuffed Rudolph rode.

The man was later arrested on a bus. Either way, the popularity of dressing as Santa to commit crimes is creepy. Still, this crime is perhaps the most horrific of all the ones listed here, due to its cold-blooded nature and the high body count. Phillippi worn a Santa suit while torturing Haye.

Alas, there appears to be no suggestion that this was the case. What followed was a terrifying and brutal incident.

They all died from either gunshots or burning. The mother stayed behind with the other two girls while the father chased down the culprit. Perhaps this man convinced himself that he was, in fact, the real Santa Claus. Woodstock Police Department Convicted Illinois sex offender Taylor Blaul was sentenced to probation in for dressing up as Santa Claus for a holiday party. Others use it as a disguise.

Pardo knocked on the door. Haye, was found alive with a broken nose. An eight-year-old girl answered and was promptly shot in the face by Pardo.