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In this model cells are extended domains of pixels on a lattice. See if you have enough points for this item. Turing suggested that the chemical pattern set up by the instability could serve as a prepattern for a cellular response. The pattern becomes restored in a self-regulatory way. This science brings forward unique challenges, many of which are, at the moment, beyond the theoretical techniques available.

Gene Networks in Tooth Development V

Increased understanding can arise from both approaches. It organizes the anteroposterior axis. Although the genetic information is the same in all the cells, different genetic information can be activated in a positiondependent manner. In such a reaction, the homogeneous distribution of both substances is unstable.

Under this condition any deviation from

The vertebrate gastrula can be regarded as a remnant of this ancestral organism. With this perspective, the idea of experiments shifted from the large scale complex tests to multiscale experiments that provided material models with validation at different length scales. The autocatalytic component expected from the model is not yet known. One of these models generates tree-like branching patterns by applying a set of simple rules iteratively.

At a minimum, modeling can refine intuition. Thus, different modes of midline formation are proposed to be the points of no return in the separation of phyla. Avian hairy gene expression identifies a molecular clock linked to vertebrate segmentation and somitogenesis. Thus, the same reaction can generate patterns in space or in time, depending on the spread and the time constants of the components involved. The time evolution of this process can be described accurately by the theory of viscous liquids.

Stable patterns can result if the antagonistic reaction has a shorter time constant than the activator. Whether on one scale or many, then, modeling can serve two purposes. It also regulates the synthesis of its rapidly diffusing antagonist, the inhibitor. This theory fuses decision theory and multiscale mathematics and is referred to as multiscale decision-making. The growth of multiscale modeling in the industrial sector was primarily due to financial motivations.

Under this condition any deviation from the steady state concentrations is rapidly back-regulated. Gene Networks in Tooth Development V.