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Murder Saves Face by Haughton Murphy download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Enraged, Jason storms off. Cops tracked Steele to his home just miles away from the murder scene. He was later interrogated by Batman about this occurrence but he was fairly uninformative to the dark knight. Only if the coin came up scratched-side did Two-Face go ahead and commit the crime, never questioning the result of the toss. The Joker gets out of the building and into a helicopter sent for him by his sponsors.

Batman, however, saw through the disguise and helped Two-Face clear his name. While the facial reconstruction managed to partially heal Two-Face's fractured mind, Ekhart's assistant, Mr. When the new Batman investigates the cave, he is ambushed by Two-Face.

Blaming himself for Jason's death, Batman resolves to continue alone. Manning noted that within the comics, Jason's death haunted Batman for many years.

Be prepared for one last lovely beautiful and thrilling ride ahead of you, that's well worth your time and memories. He set Batman free despite the coin landing bad side up. Upon escaping with his life, Dent returned to Gotham City to reestablish himself.

Dick recovers and slips into the

He possesses great deductive skills and analytic ability, reinforced by the training given by Batman. He deduces that there is a new person under the cowl, which is in reality Dick Grayson. Drake was much more popular and well-received than Todd, and would go on to star in his own series. When confronted on the issues by Batman, in his anger at being distrusted, the Two-Face persona resurfaced, and talked Dent into scarring his face and returning to his life of crime.

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In this he was given a variant of the drug venom by the White Rabbit. Dick recovers and slips into the inner depths of the cave, disappearing from Two-Face's view.