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My Kindle Fire HDX by Jennifer Ackerman Kettell download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Versions differ slightly based on release date and where you live in the world. Go to the Tools section, scroll down and tap Root Explorer and it will turn on. Since the Kindle Fire runs a forked version of Android, this is a common practice to get the apps you like on the device.

Now you can continue to sideload the Google apps you want to use following the same process as above. You can just tap through them. Installation is a snap following the install wizard. Summing Up The Amazon App Store is limited compared to the full wealth of apps Google Play offers, and the main reason to root is to get access to the full collection. As long as you're able to overlook those caveats and live in the Google ecosystem, sideloading the apps is something you should definitely try.

It's free and available

Though you may run into some snags during the process, usually it's not hard to correct them. For best results, I recommend installing one app at a time and rebooting after each one. You can always sideload apps, but having the Play Store on your device makes it much easier to get them sideloading is a way of installing non-market Android apps on a factory-set Kindle Fire.

We don't condone sideloading paid apps, and in the end it will just get you into trouble. Ensure you're getting them from a trusted and secure source.

Whenever you alter official

Whenever you alter official software on any device you run the risk of something going wrong, or features not working properly. It's free and available in Amazon's Appstore. Tap to install Google Account Manager and reboot the tablet. Of course, there's also the possibility of voiding the device's warranty. The cool thing about this technique is it doesn't require you to root the device first.

Tap to install Gmail and reboot the tablet. After the reboot, go back in and change adb. Not to mention these rooting tools aren't officially sponsored by Amazon, so dealing with some oddities goes with the territory.