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Most of our equipment leases require only one or two payments in advance, which are usually applied to your lease payments. This means your rate and payments will change based on market conditions, which makes it challenging to budget for your loan payment each month. This write off can even out pass the tax advantages of bonus depreciation and accelerated depreciation. She also functioned as an Executive Director and trusted non-profit advisor.

All of our equipment lease programs are fixed rate and payments for the term of the lease. She has also frequently served on corporate sales and marketing teams for product launches and national sales activities. Heather is an effective communicator with high emotional intelligence, which makes her a valued addition to the Native Capital Team.

If those requirements are not met, the bank may call the loan. Quite simply, we provide independent, trust-worthy, unbiased advice for startups, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and, investment partners. Provide a no gimmicks, no hype, investment amplification experience.

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Native Capital is an active investor and manager in high performing companies that do well and do good. Banks tend to place blanket liens on a business, which includes all of the assets, receivables, and inventory. We work to empower people to become their most authentic selves while supporting balanced business growth to serve the greater good. Because of the myriad of benefits equipment leasing can provide, it has become a crucial tool for growing companies today.

They stands-out as a dedicated and resourceful business loan originator and broker. They are very knowledgeable in finance and insurance.

We serve an exclusive group of clients throughout the Americas. We invest in real people, who make and sell real things to real people, for real money and real profits. Moving forward with a strong sense of tradition and integrity. Every day, we look for new ways of contributing to the success of our partners and our clients.

These businesses include small family owned businesses to Fortune Companies. Heather currently serves as the Native Capital Executive Management Administrator, responsible for internal support and operations. White Eagle has business building experience in the utility, financial, and manufacturing sectors and specialization is in helping companies build processes to actualize impact. Operating within a conceptual framework of Nach ho Kija harmoniously caring for each other and the world we live in.

Heather joined Native Capital because of her desire to support positive social and environmental impact on capital markets. Our credit approval process can yield a decision within hours. Equipment leases typically only require a lien on the leased equipment.

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