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According to the developers of the game, the fastest car in the world able to circulate in eight minutes timed consistently at the highest speed possible. Perform dangerous, difficult driving maneuvers with easy, button-combo controls. Gamers will be able to play with the brakes and see the car doing a degree turn without having the camera move.

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This is a great game, but be warned. When I play this game, I feel like I'm reading the first Eragon book.

Take on jobs and compete in races to prove yourself as you infiltrate and take down an international crime syndicate. Please enter your name here.

Good luck to all those who had the same problems. Minimum System Requirements. The player will take the car to Chau Wu, hoping to save Chase Linh, but on his arrival he discovers that it was working with Chau Wu long.

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But, I also like that they take all of this realistic pretense and throw it out the freaking window when it comes to actual racing and driving. If the player has full success in those risky moves, points will be received for the driving skills are up to date. Highway Battle - Fight off the cops and others as you take down your prey in high-speed, high stake multi-car chases.

Much of the driving action takes place across wide, southern U. Maybe Ea will patch one more time and it will fix it i'm not giving up on the game I own all the need for speed series and I love them all. Now vehicles can directly turn degree whilst perform hand brake turns.

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Hundreds of components and systems are individually modeled on each automobile, for realistic acceleration, suspension, weight displacement, and handling, in any car and under any circumstance. Nevertheless, the story is immersive enough to get your into it. Read more about it in the blog post.

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Players perform s, s, burnouts, and instant reversals with the tap of a few buttons, and a fixed camera angle makes it easier to follow the action through spins and quick turns. Needless to say, that fleet of police cruisers in your rearview mirror won't make things any easier.

Most Recent Forum Activity. The worst game you may ever play. Escape the law enforcers in fantastic events with new skills will be considered for a real adrenaline jogador. Apple iPad Unveiled Apple shows off its newest handheld, the iPad.

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And the game featured more intelligent and aggressive cops than the previous series, whose main objective is to take down the players as quickly as possible. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Other game modes allow players to take the role of the fleeing suspect or the pursuing police in one-off levels and challenges.

With this technology, gamers will be able to gradually become more agile steering wheel. Carmen, lest Chau Wu capture, asks the player to take the car, but Chau Wu discovered this.

Now you must get behind the wheel and risk everything to infiltrate a ruthless international crime syndicate and take them down. He's the one with all the answers you need, you will track him down. You have entered an incorrect email address! Chase Linh escapes into the car to leave accuse the player of the murder, and taking all the possessions of Chau Wu who were inside. While a long campaign mode and intriguing new experience system get the pistons pumping, video slots game everything grinds to a halt when the rubber hits the road in the newest installment of the series.

You have to utilize all of your experience and every ounce of your skill to take down a ruthless internatprotonal cars racing game. There are some lame parts in the script, with not so impressive actors and the all too familiar cinematography style that has basically infected the need for speed titles as of late. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. In several ways, i really like the aesthetic choice the developers made with this game, but at other times, its just downright annoying.

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Need For Speed Undercover Free Download PC

Mediocre racing and tacky styling leave it stuck in neutral, gunning its engine while going absolutely nowhere. The customizatproton elements are well managed. The game takes place in the daylight. The players will experience the high intensity police chases.

Kinda looked like most wanted from the other side of the law. The game takes place in the fictprotonal Tri city Bay Area. The police have the help of helicopters and cars during chases. It is divided into four districts. Heroic Driving Engine - An all-new game engine lets you pull off amazing moves for the ultimate driving edge.

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Off-topic Review Activity. The soundtracks are pretty descent. Will ship without box to save on shipping. Escape the police is one of the favorite activities of many players in virtual life, of course. The game has the real world damage and realistic driving physics.

As many as eight players can go Undercover together online. Check out this video covering the launch party for Need for Speed Undercover. Go Deep Undercover - Race into an action-packed story of pursuit and betrayal.

The four a side team based cops and robbers mode is a lot of fun. If it were not for those issues, I would rate it even higher! It still requires a stunt driver's spirit, however, with imaginative routes and daring maneuvers well rewarded, and a complete wipeout always one wrong turn away.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this turkey, it is a huge disappointment. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. He calls the player telling him that he caught Chase Linh and that the hostage will keep until the car is returned to him.

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