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Nonlinear Vibrations and Stability of Shells and Plates by Marco Amabili download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The flow channel is

The studied systems are represented by a plate periodically supported and a circular cylindrical shell with flexible boundary conditions. In biomechanics and vascular surgery, thin-walled shell theory can be applied to model the mechanics of veins, arteries, pulmonary passages, and artificial blood vessels. This propagation phenomenon is due to the fluid-structure interaction and not to fluid compressibility.

The pulse wave velocity is related to the underlying vessel wall stiffness. The flow channel is bounded by a rigid wall. Professor Amabili is the author of more than papers on vibrations and dynamics. Associated to pulsatility, wave propagation in elastic tubes is recognized as the fundamental principle of the pressure pulse in arteries. Modal damping values and natural frequencies have been estimated by experimental modal analysis.

Numerical bifurcation analysis and time integration methods are employed to investigate the stability of the systems described using a refined reduced order model. His main research is in vibrations of thin-walled structures and fluid-structure interaction. Throughout, plentiful and clear illustrations help the reader and enliven the text, as do comparisons with experiment. The flow is set in motion by a pulsatile pressure gradient.

The pulse wave velocity is related

Numerical simulations and comparisons with experimental results are reported. The fluid model is based on the potential flow theory.