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Optical Imaging Sensors and Systems for Homeland Security Applications by Bahram Javidi download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Customizations are also available enabling

The Osprey true real time high definition, high sensitivity color low light night vision Cmos sensor offer day like bright defined images with exceptionally low noise. Flowserve Corporation Flowserve Corp.

It comes with a user friendly Mission Management System. Customizations are also available, enabling a high level of flexibility.

The ezeio system is a complete solution for monitoring, alarming and controlling remote devices and systems. The complete list of configurations allows to cover any customer demand in terms of power, architecture, installation and performances. The low-cost, secure and feature-rich ezeio Controller connects to sensors, actuators and Modbus devices, while it communicates with the ezecontrol.

True real color low light lux imagers require much more powerful passive sensors that can produce day like images in the darkest of nights such as moonless cloudy nights. Untethered vehicle with advanced hydrodynamic shape enables high inspection speed, independent motion of the vehicle from the support vessel and therefore increases weather windows. The company's broad spectrum of products offers appropriate solutions for any measurement. The payload package can be adapted to customer requirements. It can be deployed from any non dedicated ship.

Finesse Solutions Finesse was founded to bring digital, plug-and-play solutions to life science customers, to improve the management of complex bio-process applications. Osprey can withstand direct sunlight and direct laser hits with no adverse effects. These systems are already operating in a large number of projects, in very harsh environments even in outdoors installation proving very remarkable reliability. Furthermore autonomous operation liberates the support vessel to carry out parallel tasks.

It comes with a user