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Though the patronage system exists at all levels of U. It is a way to maintain a strong political organization by offering campaign workers rewards. Large-scale patronage systems declined steadily during the twentieth century.

It is a way to maintainThough the patronage system

Finally, patronage guarantees some turnover, bringing new people and new ideas into the system. The patronage system thrived in the U.

More importantly, patronage puts people into government who agree with the political agenda of the victor. In Congress limited federal administrators to four-year terms, leading to constant turnover.

Opponents have long agreed that patronage is acceptable at the highest levels of government. However, history indicates that patronage systems extending far down the organizational chain are susceptible to inefficiency and corruption.

Patronage has its defenders. When the candidate of a political party wins an election, the newly elected official has the right to appoint a certain numbers of persons to jobs in the government. Cooperation, loyalty, and trust flow from this arrangement.