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Physical Comorbidities of Dementia by Susan Kurrle download in ePub, pdf, iPad

This is particularly true for mental illnesses which are frequently comorbid with physical illnesses. These syndromes are falls, delirium, epilepsy, weight loss and nutritional disorders, incontinence, sleep disturbance, visual dysfunction, oral disease and frailty. After an introductory chapter, nine further chapters outline published evidence about dementia and these nine co-morbidities. Physical Comorbidities of Dementia.

Comorbidity does not mean the simple addition of two diseases that independently follow their usual trajectories. Physical Illness and Schizophrenia. The author reports no conflict of interest. In persons over the age of sixty the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases has become the rule rather than an exception. Psychiatrists are no better than other specialists at identifying comorbid conditions.

He is the Co-editor of three scientific journals and a member of the editorial and advisory boards of many other journals. For them the distinction of the distress that often accompanies serious physical illness e.

He is the Coeditor of threeFor them the distinction of

Depression and Heart Disease. But we are far from this goal. There is every reason to believe that this increasing trend in the proportion of individuals who have comorbid conditions will continue in the years to come. Over the past two decades the prevalence of comorbid mental and physical diseases has increased dramatically, reaching epidemic proportions in many countries.