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Sampling box shall be Administrative Authority. The Friar Engineers who built the government buildings, residential and other structures. Angles and changes of direction in such indirect waste pipes shall be provided with cleanouts to pemlit flushing and cleaning.

All dtuinage piping shall clear duml! Permits shall be required per Section of this Code. The size of a building rainwater piping or any of its horizontal branches shall be sized in accordance with Table Based upon maximum roof areas to be drained. Driven pipes shall have at least one pipe size larger than the pipe to be laid. Devices or assemblies shall be tested for conformity with recognized standards or other standards acceptable to the Administ rative Authority, which arc consistent with the intent of this Code.

Prohibited by health authorities for pennanent installations. Relief vah-es located inside a building shall be provided with drain. Continuous waste fixture tailpiece connections were exposed or accessible may be of seamless drawn brass not less than Ga.

In case of renewal of a plumbing permit, a fee equivalent to one-half the amount ofthe original fee shall be paid. Pipe sizing shall be as elsewhere required in this Code. See also Section of this Code. The basic goal of the National Plumbing Code of the Philippines is to ensure the unqualified observance of the latest provisions of the plumbing and environmental laws.

Mechanical devices or equipment such as bulldozer, grader, etc. Fixtures, appliances or appurtenances with integral back flow prevcnters or integral airgaps manufactured as a unit shall be installed in accordance with their listed requirements. Allowance shall be based on an expansion ra te.

Lining materials shall be placed tight together and laid with joints staggered. The final figure in the pressure drop column shall be based en tk minimum ratedflow or capacity ofthe device.

May need platforrnlladcle. The bottom of the water pipe.

The gate valve shall be located at the discharge side of the backwater or check valve. Vertical drainage lines connecting to horizontal drainage shall enter through. Allowance for thermal expansion and contract ion shall be provided by approved means. Tunneling and driving may be done in yard, court or driveway of any building site. Neoprene gaskets are recommended tor oil handling piping works.

National Plumbing Code Of The Philippines Revised Edition (1999)

Moved Structures - all parts of the plumbing systems of any building or prut thereof that are moved from one foundation to another, picasa latest version 2013 or from one location to another. Plumbing Code For Philippines Quiz!

The enlargement of a mm closet bend or stub to mm diameter shall not be considered as an obstruction. The top shall be provided wit h a vent pipe which shall extend separately through the roof, or when permitted, may be combined with other vent pipes. When required, appropriaie neoprene rubber bushings shall be used to allow for any difference in piping material diameters. All materials used in the water supply system, ex. Listed flexible copper water connectors shall be installed m exposed locat ions, unless otherwise listed.

The second interceptor shall be properly trapped and vented. Cement Mortar Joints - Except for repairs and connections to existing lines constructed with such joints, cement mortar joints arc prohibited on new building sewers. Specific Requirements Water Closet and Urinal Flushometer Valves shall be equipped with a listed atmospheric vacuum breaker. Cooling and air-conditioning equipment may be separated by an airbreak, bur all food equipment shall be separated from the drainage system by a full aJigap. The inlet fitting of a fire standpipe located above ground level.

80960884 Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines

Pipe exposed to damage by sharp surfaces. Heat Exchangers, and other assemblies or methods of constructions using potable water shall be of listed construction and materials.

Wooden barnes are prohibited. Water Test - the water test shaH be applied to the drainage and vent systems either in its entirety or in sections. Having located the proper fixture unit value for the required length, sizes of meter and building supply pipe will be found in the two left-hand columns.

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Private Sewage Disposal Systems. Approved regulators with integral bypasses are acceptable. The Pennittee shall be assessed an appropriate fee appearance. All pipes passing through or under cinders or other corrosive materials shaH be protected from external corrosion by encasing same with polyethylene sheath or in other approved manner. Dosing tanks shall be equipped with an automatic siphon or pump which discharges the tank onct.