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Bertke shot real world footage and then used those sounds and images to capture the essence of the places he visited. In practice, they may be used interchangeably with all models of iPhone and iPod touch. Layer any feature or mapped condition or object that you wish. This is just one practical application of many. The included clips do a lot more than just hold your stylus.

Buff away an accidental finger smudge. Various music of his is used coming back from commercial breaks. Been several years since serving as Chapter Delegate and happy to see the association still very strong!

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Where is the number on my clip? Plot data for any combination of zones, turf parameters and date range to help identify trends and know how and when to adjust your irrigation, fertilization and cultural practice applications. The tip may be cleaned in a similar manner. We are offering the conversion complimentary with every TurfPro Cloud order or extension at this time. Better Decisions with Visual Insight.

It is safe to immerse your stylus in water. See our recommended applications here.

This allows TurfPro Cloud to plot the data spatially on a real satellite map of your course. It glides easily over the surface of the display, making it fun and easy to sketch, draw characters, and slide to unlock. If you have a first generation iPhone or iPod touch, we can help. Observe how sprinkler patterns and traffic flow are contributing to the conditions you measure and see. This model boasts anodized aluminum with subtle highlights, and a strict attention to detail.

TurfPro Cloud

The Pogo Stylus offers a soft, durable tip, precision-formed to the perfect size for the keyboard keys. The Pogo Stylus makes sketching a lot easier. Inquire at info pogoturfpro. Prop up your iPhone for FaceTime, watching movies, final fantasy 9 or streaming videos.

The clip pack sold separately here includes a clip for the original iPhone that works with the first iPod touch, too. Valves, catchbasins, irrigation lines, electrical wires, irrigation controllers, etc.

The body of the stylus is a lightweight aluminum alloy, with an anodized finish in your choice of several colors. Most require some extra stylus pressure, so we don't recommend using them. Happy to help you guys anytime! But this one will help you do what you do best, even better!

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If you have an earlier model, you'll want to pick up the clip pack in addition to your stylus. And a beautiful piano for icing on the cake! The grounds crew at the Phillies Citizens Bank Park have the field dialed in for sure! If you don't see an answer to your question here, let us know! The stylus will work on all models of iPhone and iPod touch.

If you have a first gen iPhone or first gen iPod touch, then yes. In short, it lets you see every factor that contributes to turf health. Standard objects include drainage lines, sprinklers, valves, catch basins, irrigation controllers, and many more. What can we quote for you? By visualizing your data across time, trends become apparent, allowing you to see problems forming before symptoms appear, so you can react before it becomes costly.

Pogo Stylus is discontinued, and replaced by Pogo. Pick from our four luscious colors, or if you have an older iPhone, there are even more choices. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sketch, type and navigate with greater precision.

Cart is empty View all products. Laser-engraved graphics set off the matte sheen of our bright hues to best advantage.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. Also, the clip allows for easy storage and use while wearing your favorite pair of mitts. You may experience delays in our cloud system temporarily.

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It brings pure science and precision to the art of turf management, using a patented sensor, automated analysis and visual reporting. Request a Quote If you are human, leave this field blank. More data with each sample means better insight.

The View of Your CoursePOGO TurfPro CloudSo Much More Than Just Numbers

Knowledge is power

Set these future positions with the Pin Planner tool, so your selected positions will be shown on the automatically generated pin sheets. Want help figuring out if your case is compatible? We like to think of them as super-clips. The Power of rain when managing salts or bound up nutrients in the rootzone.

Knowledge is power

So Much More Than Just Numbers

Lightning detection, growing degree days, stress analysis and more provide full insight into how the weather is affecting your turf and property. The stylus clip in each box fits only certain devices. We make remarkable tools for remote work. Slide to unlock your potential for increased efficiency.

What a treat at Sheshan today! See everyone soon at an upcoming meeting! If you have come across a unique screen protector, feel free to e-mail us and we'll let you know if we've had the opportunity to try it out yet.

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The metallic body of the stylus may be cleaned with warm water and a light detergent. Decision-making to apply water, nutrients and cultural practices has never been more precise! We will treat your information with respect. Ever notice that your finger gets in the way while you are drawing or animating on your iPhone? Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.