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That just isn't something that most

So it's happening within that context. Robert De Niro portrays a former Chicago police officer turned bounty hunter in the film Midnight Run. The use of actual Chicago Police Department vehicles and uniforms is extensive and can be seen throughout the film. And there's several other discrepancies in that video. He left a hole behind in his neighborhood and his community.

And I don't want to

It's also happening within the context of a mayoral election. You know, one thing for people to know is that this trial is happening within a much larger, longer, deeper context when it comes to policing and communities here in Chicago. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. And that all changed when there was video of the shooting that was released.

That just isn't something that most reporters would agree to do. And I don't want to say muted, but it wasn't overwhelming.

This didn't come to any surprise to people who have complained about this issue for decades, but it was official record. That is the sound of patrol units and a police dispatcher responding to reports that a black teenager was breaking into cars and carrying a knife. What you hear in that tape is not just their reaction to Laquan's death, but they talk about actually having other friends, other people they cared about, also being the victims of police shootings. The Terra Nova character Jim Shannon said he was a detective with the department's narcotics squad. Chicago police officers are represented by the Fraternal Order of Police.