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Then came an energy crisis, skyrocketing gas prices, a hard-fought presidential campaign, a recession and ballooning unemployment. Politics and science Yet how that project has proceeded has raised numerous alarms.

Our legislators must pay a great

The major political issues surrounding nuclear energy are a continuous topic for debate in our own country and around the world. Finally, one major political concern involving nuclear power plants is how closely nuclear power production can be linked to nuclear weapons production. Most places are happy to allow Wal-Mart, but even before last week, few communities were interested in hosting a nuclear power plant. Expansion plans would make the plant the largest in the U. Much of that waste, in the form of spent fuel rods, remains stored in the nuclear generating facilities themselves, or scattered in a handful of temporary repositories around the country.

It also means that environmentalists who have either reluctantly or enthusiastically embraced nuclear power as a form of carbon free energy should move on to other solutions. Presidents are not elected by a majority vote of the American public ask Al Gore about that. Much of this new generation will be fueled by natural gas. Most notably, Iraq and North Korea have shown some indications of using nuclear energy as the first step on the road to nuclear weapons. The images of earthquake and tsunami damage combined with the nuclear accident will form a single image in the public's mindset about nuclear power.

Additionally, some of the nuclear power plants already in operation will be under increasing pressure to close. Our legislators must pay a great deal of attention to the parochial interests of their constituents.

The reactor operators would not become aware of this development for several hours and took no action to cool the reactor core. Governments are increasingly involved in how we manage our resources here and consume fossil fuels produced abroad. While I accepted the argument that nuclear power might be necessary and could be made less risky, I have always been troubled by the extreme toxicity of nuclear fuel and waste. He added that some Energy officials tried to keep workers from raising concerns. Nuclear Waste in America, many in industry and government assured Congress that nuclear waste would pose no problems at all.

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