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Prior education certification and

In addition to renewing certification through the board, renewal through the state is also required and may require additional fulfillment of continuing education contact hours. Working one to two years before applying for a nurse practitioner program is highly recommended. Students will still need to complete the practicum rotation and similar classroom courses.

Full-time students can expect to carry four or five classes each semester, and part-time students will have to carry the minimum number of hours as determined by their institution. Study limitations include attrition over the longitudinal study time and limited geographic representation from the West, Pacific, and South Central parts of the United States.

However, some practitioners also continue to cite that lack of recognition and not being considered a professional peer are disadvantages in the role. Final transcripts and proof of education are required.

Prior education, certification and clinical practice are among the many requirements for being accepted into a nurse practitioner program. The number of credit hours the student carries and other life demands can influence training time, and attending as a part-time student can influence how long it takes to complete the degree.

The number of credit hours the