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The wave function can be reconstructed from the expectation values of observables, that is, with a series of protective measurements on identically prepared systems. In their contribution, Maximilian Schlosshauer and Tangereen V. Therefore, the wave function can be considered to be a property of the single system as opposed to an ensemble of similar systems. Similarly, the property measured in a protective measurement is sometimes contextual.

This is argued in the secondIn fact an

Claringbold criticize protective measurements, arguing that entanglement and state disturbance can never allow one to be sure a protective measurement has actually been performed. The editor could have imposed a single system to provide more unity to the volume. However, I think one prominent issue that ought to have been included has been overlooked. This reminds me of someone trying to understand how the interior mechanism of a watch works by hitting it with a hammer.

This is argued in the second chapter by Lev Vaidman. In fact, an ontic interpretation of the wave function, in which the wave function describes the property of a single system, is possible with protective measurements. Entanglement, scaling, and the meaning of the wave function in protective measurement Maximilian Schlosshauer and Tangereen V. There is nothing puzzling about it if we think of operators as transformations. In Bohmian mechanics, as Lewis explains, it is better to think of contextual properties not as properties, otherwise they would be contextual.

This consists of a strong and short interaction, after which the state collapses into one of the eigenstates of the operator corresponding to the property being measured the collapse rule. This is partly the reason why protective measurements were considered important.

The book explores the concept of protected measurement, investigating its broad application and its implications for the foundation of quantum mechanics. Nonetheless, Lewis writes, when such contextuality does not arise, it is natural to ascribe a family of properties to the wave function. The natural way to mathematically represent a property, therefore, seems to be with a number.