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Qualitative Research in the Study of Leadership by Karin Klenke download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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These women, who were largely able to define their own organizational role, gravitated toward a leadership style transformational that does not conflict with gender roles. Finally, it was written with leadership practitioners in mind who wish to broaden their understanding of new developments in leadership research.

Someone who is capable of motivating others. Especially women who begin to glimpse who they are and go forth. This book is intended to fill this void.

Methods, progress, and international development. It is also possible that the leaders responded to us differently than they would have to male researchers. The book is intended for students of leadership ranging from graduate students to seasoned leadership scholars. This study was conducted by female researchers on female leaders. Although research on integrative leaders is relatively new, there is a growing consensus on the qualities and behaviors possessed by these leaders, some of which emerged in this study.

Especially women who begin to

Furthermore, these characteristics are consistent with those observed in other studies of successful community leaders. The results of this study have implications for the role of gender in leadership style in a sector outside of business or education. Because I was so convinced that my view and my goals and my plans and vision was right. Another woman also described her path in mainly spiritual terms, as an ability to listen to her intuition, even though this meant that she usually lacked a concrete plan.