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These are the beliefs and programmed neuro-associations that cause automatic, non-thinking, stimulus-response negative emotions and reactions. Picking up after yourself, etc. That could poke your eye out. These are first-person present-tense affirming statements that, with repetition, will get you ready for owning the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of champions. Adjective But Bird did, and in the process has become one of the most out-of-nowhere success stories in startup history.

This is a primary cause

Once you are good at something, you do this without effort, without even having to think about it. Doubt is nowhere to be found. Get rid of the image of a person who isn't good at something and you'll lay the foundation for excellence.

This can cause overreaction in all types of situations. Examples of nowhere in a Sentence Adverb I have nowhere to go. Nowhere is there more of a population problem than in this city. But all behaviors start out as thoughts mental activity.

The lure of unsupportive people

The lure of unsupportive people, places, activities inactivity, too that keep you from doing what must be done. This is a primary cause of procrastinating, never setting a goal, quitting before succeeding.

In short, you act more like a genius. This causes procrastination, nagging, arguments, unhappiness, rage, jealousy, obsessiveness. When things go wrong, you don't let it rattle you. If I don't make this sale, I'll lose my house.

It wasn't me, I didn't do it, they did it, it's not my fault, it's not my job, it was too hard, I couldn't help it.

Again, it's no more complicated than that. You can keep fear at a minimum. So if you want different behaviors, you'll need to have different thoughts.