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In this phase, therianthropes in rock painting can be explained as heightened sensory awareness that gives one the feeling that they have undergone a physical transformation. Although there is no evidence that the Kalahari San use hallucinogens regularly, student shaman may use hallucinogens to go into trance for the first time. Cagn's daughter the porcupine married Kwammang-a, a meerkat.

Shamans experiencing the second phase of trance would incorporate the natural world into their entoptic phenomena, visualising honeycombs or other familiar shapes. Tsui'goab is a sky deity associated with the phenomena of thunder and lightning. It turned into a large herd of eland.

The Ga-Gorib is a beast who lived on the edge of a pit. To see, they have to go down on hands and knees and lift one foot in the air. These shapes can be found especially in rock engravings of Southern Africa. They had a son called Ichneumon a mongoose. Hai-uri is the male variant, while Bi-Bloux is female.

Next Gewi scattered the

She churned it, and Cagn sprinkled the mixture on the ground. This dance typically takes a circular form, with women clapping and singing and men dancing rhythmically.

People would experience geometric shapes commonly known as entoptic phenomena. When the hero Heitsi-eibib met the beast, he refused to throw stones until Ga-gorib turned away from him, whereupon he cast a stone that knocked Ga-gorib into its own pit. In other contexts, he appears as a patron of hunters and in some stories he even had a part in creating the world, impressing specific characteristics into different species. One of the most important rituals in the San religion is the great dance, or the trance dance.

Few existing doctoral-level programs in Spirituality focus specifically on the long, deep, and rich history of the Judeo-Christian traditions in prayer, mysticism, and spiritual guidance. Next, Gewi scattered the blood, and it turned into hartebeests. In the third phase a radical transformation occurs in mental imagery. He is the first being and the creator of the world. It would trick people into throwing stones at it, but the stones would always bounce back from the creature's hide, and the thrower would fall into the pit.

This program serves the church and society in an important way by providing doctoral-level scholars in the areas of prayer, mysticism, spiritual discernment, and spiritual guidance. More and more people are interested in Spirituality and are seeking advanced academic training in the area.

In the first phase of trance an altered state of consciousness would come about. Subjects under laboratory conditions have found that they experience sliding down a rotating tunnel, entering caves or holes in the ground. This is a problem when the creature chases prey, because it has to run blind. For example, he cursed the lion to walk on ground instead of nesting on a tree.

Few existing doctorallevel programs