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Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage by Miguel Angel Rogerio-Candelera download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Cellulosic fibres for dry cleaning and reinforcement of paper supports M. Integrated and low cost approach to theft and dispersion protection M. From industrial material to contemporary art medium M. Towards an automatic analysis tool for built heritage N.

Case study of the Oteiza Museum Spain D. An inexorable relationship M. Sangermano Consolidation treatments for conservation of concrete sculptures A. Material characterization and analysis of the environmental influence on their deterioration Y.

Consolidants, hydrophobic and self-cleaning products M. Assessment on release and retention properties R.

Assessment on release and retention properties

Ortiz Painting woods vulnerability to ultraviolet exposure M. Castillejo Effect of wavelength and pulse duration on laser cleaning of paints M. Baglioni Application of new organic-inorganic materials as consolidants for deteriorated plasters A. Villegas Evaluation of the reinforcing action of consolidating treatments applied on cement mortars using the micro-sandblasting technique S.

Consolidants hydrophobic and selfcleaning

Rogerio-Candelera Climate change, sea level rise and impact on monuments in Venice D. Fuentes Predictive model for the useful lifetime of a set of buildings of the Archdiocese of Seville J. Karmali Study of the influence of black dyes in the physico-mechanical behaviour of silk fabrics. Analyzing the fractures of Heritage C. Kjerulff Novel proteases from marine organisms with potential interest in restoration procedure F.

The case of a Portuguese fifteenth century tomb A. Preliminary data from the crypt of St. Lazzari Characterization of decay products and building materials on the ancient wall of Vitoria-Gasteiz using micro analytical instrumental techniques K. Villegas Establishing the relationship between underwater cultural heritage deterioration and marine environmental factors.