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The plot is actually quite clever, perhaps lacking the ingenuity of later episodes, but the final solution I found very surprising. He subsequently explains how Harry murdered the Morris father and son and then his wife Brenda. As for the question of Lionel Lawson, Morse suggests it was suicide. Colin Dexter now seems much more comfortable with his creations. Miss Ruth Rawlinson She cleans the Church and lives with her elderly disabled mother.

Most of the action takes place in this section, which typically has Morse theorising about many possible scenarios, all of which are proved to be wrong as more evidence comes to light. In the last scene, Morse visits Ruth at her flat after her release and they start off a romantic relationship. Brenda Josephs Brenda is Harry's wife, a nurse at the Radcliffe infirmary.

In the first closing scene, it is implied that Lionel Lawson was in fact murdered. This novel is an interesting departure from the series so far. Another highlight was the suicide scene, Lewis's reaction is one of the main reasons to see this episode.

This is a nice touch, since the novel itself centres around the church of St. He subsequently explains how Harry murdered the Morris father and son and then his wife Barbara. She explains how she was hard up for money and agreed to help Lionel Lawson in a plot to murder Harry Josephs.

There he comes to know about

There he comes to know about the murder of Harry Josephs and the subsequent suicide of Lionel Lawson. Ruth is sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment for perjury. The vocabulary used is often very droll because of the context in which Dexter uses it. True to his usual self, Morse comes up with several theories each of which is shown to be wrong with gathering evidence. He loves opera, beer and women.

Ruth is sentenced

He is having an affair with Ruth. This becomes a recurring theme throughout the series, as an irritating habit for Lewis to observe. This curious fact sparks his attention and he begins to take an active interest in the case. Harry suspects this affair and follows her one-day to confirm it.

And the writers never miss out a lovely romance between Morse and a lovely woman, this time called Ruth, played by Angela Marrant. Lionel, Harry and the organist Paul Morris had all been in on the plot to kill Philip Lawson, who although Lionel's brother, was now a blackmailer and a tramp, and a generally nasty piece of work. Morse himself is introduced in the second book.