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After extensive hearings and examination of evidence, the Commission found all of this claimed debt to be illegitimate, and that it should not be paid. In many cases we are talking about as many as eight or ten people relying on one pension. Shelley could have been reinstated if his father had intervened, but this would have required his disavowing the pamphlet and declaring himself Christian. The economy is collapsing every day because of this. Greece's main source of wealth is not its beautiful islands, but its well educated population.

Political forces in other superindebted countries

Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their root in Greece. That opens up the issuance of national credit for productivity and development. After six weeks, out of money, they returned to England.

Political forces in other superindebted countries in the Eurozone will also be affected by these findings. Such moves mean not only loss of jobs but tax revenue as well. The result is that thousands of Greece's professionals are forced to leave the country. Shelley refused, which led to a complete break between Shelley and his father. This is another case of genocide, since Greece has a relatively high number of engineers and medical doctors who could play a central role if the economy were expanding.

The blackmail of cutting off liquidity, something that would not be possible if Greece had its own currency, is destroying the Greek economy as much as the austerity itself. The eldest son of Timothy and Elizabeth Shelley, with one brother and four sisters, he stood in line to inherit not only his grandfather's considerable estate but also a seat in Parliament. The action is seen from the Turkish point of view, which makes it possible for Shelley to focus both on Turkish defeat, via Mahmud, and Greek victory, through the chorus.

Such moves mean not

The divorce rate has dramatically increased since married couples pay more tax, thus in effect taxing the unborn. Thousands of self-employed professionals, such as engineers, lawyers, and doctors, pay taxes whether they have worked or not. That is the driver for this whole effort.