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Any more contact than that, and the possibility for drama and problems is too great. Meet up during the daytime if you can. Just imagine having constant, never-ending financial problems, going to a shitty job you hate, then after exhausted from work coming home to one or two or more! Avoid them and make sure you never meet them? Should you act like their dad, or their friend?

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Often I will follow her lead.

Even if her mother is a complete loser. First, look to your own personality. Often these women will be stressed-out, snippy, tired, or downright bitchy and upset. Expect excellent feminist thought-pieces, personal advice columns and honest story-telling. Instantly soft next her ass if she gives you any drama for any reason.

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The fact she chose to make babies with an irresponsible moron before she or he could afford them is her fault, not your fault. Spending any time whatsoever with her ex, in any context whatsoever, is going to equal drama.

Scheduling dates and meets with single mothers is often extremely difficult. Many of you may choose to completely screen out single mothers altogether. Most single mothers lack the funds to hire babysitters whenever they want. Provider Hunter Status The first thing most men worry about is that single mothers are more likely to be provider hunters.

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Dating Single Mothers

As always, take action with her based on her actions, not her motherhood status. Again, the issue is age, what not to do when you start dating not motherhood status.