Manglish generally now receives more Malay influence and Singlish more Chinese Mandarin, Hokkien, etc. To date, this is the only formal dictionary containing a substantial number of Singaporean English terms. For this reason, Singlish is not used in formal communication. Egg noodles and rice noodles with no dark soya sauce used. In British Singapore, however, as the seat of the colonial government, English was the language of administration.


People used to send letter by pigeons long ago to communicate. In many cases, English words take on the meaning of their Chinese counterparts, resulting in a shift in meaning.

Literally means cook and fry. Refers to a womanizer or flirt. Edinburgh University Press, p.

For example, a local Singaporean might speak in a Singlish consisting of English, Hokkien, Malay and Indian loan-words, when chatting with their friends. Used only to evoke humour.

Such lists have been printed in brochures or booklets, and also published on websites. Cantonese Hakka Hokkien Teochew.

The idea of promoting Singlish was raised as part of a larger debate on creating a uniquely Singaporean identity. It is of a belittling tone. Wat you say I dun understand lah, stop using chiminology can or not! Chinese Cantonese Hakka Hokkien Teochew. Bored, tired, or sick of something.

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Mild curse used to disabuse someone of his or her erroneous assumption. Used to describe something that is without rival. To be unhappy or angry about something.


It is not exhaustive and is meant to provide some representative examples of Singlish usage in Singapore. Used to describe someone on thin ice.

Usually women in an old faded T-shirts and cheap shorts carrying a plastic bag. Singlish is semi-tonal as all words of Chinese origin retain their original tones in Singlish. King of Kings or Carnation as many Coffeeshops and related businesses are operated by Hainanese people in earlier days and even today. Can also be applied to situations to do something in a half-heartedly manner. Literally means to be afraid of dying.

But strike lottery good wat! Usually tagged at the end of a sentence to seek agreement or argue a point.

Past tense marking is optional in Singlish. Also used to curse people. Mixture of sliced cucumber, pineapple, turnip, dried beancurd, Chinese doughsticks, bean sprouts with prawn paste, sugar, lotus buds and assam tamarind. Or in response to something which is passe.

Used when one is unable to comprehend what others are saying. It may refer to being in a situation of having no money for daily expenses i. The word one is used to emphasise the predicate of the sentence by implying that it is unique and characteristic. This change became more pervasive with the rise of Hollywood and American popular culture. English - Like that also can?

Singaporeans have a habit of leaving objects on seats or tables to reserve places usually tissue packets. Edinburgh University Press. Sarcastic remark to describe someone who does not contribute in group work and watches while others do the work. Siol is not a vulgar word. Sometimes shortened to Keng.

In Kingsley Bolton and Helen Kwok eds. Condiments can be varied, but the common ones include turnip, bamboo shoots, lettuce, Chinese sausage, prawns, bean sprouts, garlic and peanut. Structure, Variation, and Usage.

Singlish vocabulary

Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. Library resources about Singlish. In a daze, unaware of what is going on. It is a dish of thick yellow noodles braised in thick dark soy sauce with pork, squid, fish cake and cabbage as the main ingredients and cubes of pork fat fried until crispy. Used in a reassuring manner to calm people down.

Interchangeably used in Singaporean Hokkien and Singlish. However, warcraft dota maps the government has yet to officially change its stand regarding Singlish.

In British Malaya, English was the language of the British administration, whilst Malay was spoken as the lingua franca of the streets, as the British did not wish to antagonise the native Malays. Soup-based Penang and stir-fried Singapore.