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For example, the mid-twentieth century baby boom occurred across all educational, age, and racial groups. Demography represents a fundamental approach to the understanding of human society.

The demographer also traces

Through the works of statisticians A. The problems of population and its interrelation with the economy were examined by W. Hauser, Phillip, and Otis D.

The primary objective of the social demography program is to train graduate students to be outstanding researchers and educators. The statistical study of human populations with regard to their size and structure, i. Ekonomicheskii zakon naseleniia pri sotsializme.

In Russia, the first demographic work on mortality and marriage was done by D. Census has received increased funding and been accompanied by increased research activity and scientific rigor with each succeeding decennium.

The mathematical methods employed for the

The mathematical methods employed for the study of population reproduction are sometimes distinguished as mathematical demography. The demographer also traces the origins of population changes and studies their impact. The narrower conception of a demographic optimum implies a certain optimal population size or age-sex composition or, sometimes, its most advantageous rate of growth. Censuses do more than just count people.

Inheritance of Poverty or Inheritance of Race. Pearl in the United States.

This approach to research is sometimes considered separately as economic demography. Teoriia i politika narodonaseleniia. Analysis of the psychosocial factors of marriage and fertility is also developing. Various attributes serve in demography both to characterize the entire population and to separate concrete component groups as independent subjects of investigation. Like other branches of statistics in their respective sciences, demographic statistics plays a role as one of the methods of demography.

Ford, Thomas, and Gordon DeJong, eds. Rost narodonaseleniia i obshchestvennyi progress. The task of exposing bourgeois-reactionary attempts to justify wars and the arms race from a demographic standpoint also remains important. In Handbook of Population, eds.