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In Colossians as

The putative senders of this letter are Paul and Timothy. During the centuries before and after Paul, countless persons reported a range of visions and appearances involving celestial entities. When a person is in such a state, the experience modifies the relation of the individual to the self, body, sense of identity, and the environment of time, space, or other people.

From the perspective of these latter persons, such experiences would be appropriately described as experiences of nonconsensual reality. Paul ascribes his call by the God of Israel to his change agency task to an alternate state of consciousness experience initiated by God Gal. Paul himself frequently receives directives from the realm of God Rom. Colossae was a small town on the Lycus River.

There is no reason not to take seriously what these persons say of their experiences. In Colossians as in Ephesians Jesus is now with God and in control of celestial entities and events. The experience of alternate reality is nonrational but not irrational, as claimed by those who do not believe any of these things.

There is no reason

Thus the writer of this letter situates faith in the Lord Jesus literally over and above any other influence or power. You are not currently authenticated. These three elements are called a superscription or prescript. Grace to you and peace from God our Father.