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It turned out that

Sparks from the University of Delaware. Our paper presents an organic fertilizer testing protocol to flag samples which may have been adulterated with inorganic nitrogen sources. Cation effects on layer-structure of biogenic Mn-oxides. Below are the presentations in which our group was involved. Pressurized liquid extraction of six tetracyclines from agricultural soils.

Biochar alters nitrogen transformations but has minimal effects on nitrous oxide emissions in an organically managed lettuce mesocosm. Short-lived effects of walnut shell biochar on soils and crop yields in a long-term field experiment. Characterization of Winery Wastewater for Reuse in California.

Nellie will be investigating the sorption

It turned out that we could do a full replacement and have no adverse growth effects, and that a partial replacement mostly biochar could be beneficial for marigold growth. Nellie will be investigating the sorption of veterinary antibiotics to soil minerals.

Thesis to the graduate college. And very good news, in that Barbara Alves, Deirdre Griffin, and Devin Rippner all received awards for their presentations. Our efforts were rewarded with a paper accepted to Industrial Crops and Products. Jastro Graduate Research Award.

In this research, we were seeing if we could replace peat moss in a potting mix with biochar for a more sustainable growth media. Molecular scale assessment of methylarsenic sorption on aluminum oxide. Use of nuclear receptor luciferase-based bioassays to detect endocrine active chemicals in a biosolids-biochar amended soil. At the Conference Daniel Bair and Maya Buelow were awarded a co-first place prize in the student poster competition. The second main tenet of this program is an examination of issues and problems at both the basic and applied levels.

Lina will be working with both Sanjai and Thomas Harter. Impacts of copper oxide nanoparticles on soil enzyme activities across diverse ecosystems. Her poster on our biochar field studies garnered a lot of interest, demonstrating a real desire for stakeholders to understand the potential for biochar in agricultural soils. Soil organic matter functional group composition in relation to organic C, N and P fractions in organically managed tomato fields characterized by mid-infrared spectroscopy.

For this award, Danny will study the fate of pharmaceuticals from biosolids which are land applied. Phenylurea herbicide sorption to biochars and agricultural soil.