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The second accommodation block to be constructed, the A Block, shows a divergence from the original plan in that the bombproofing is incorporated into the roof. Wiliam Twiss of the Royal Engineers concurred.

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Yvonne Ireland Great Tour of the Island. You would have to wrap up though as it is quite cold. Certain mooring buoys to be retained for use of His Majesty's ships.

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The island is known locally for having excellent earth for growing crops. The group get an idea to give The Stone Roses their cassette tape via Sally, a girl whom both Tits and Dodge show interest in, although Dodge has never spoken to her.

In the seventeenth century the island was in the possession of the Roche and Galwey families - until the rebellion of when these families forfeited possession of the island. In this year, records suggest that William, son of John Reych, granted to John Pyke, amongst other lands and premises, the lands of Innyspyge, in the Comte Cork.

They hide in the baggage hold of the bus until they arrive at Spike Island. Our tour guide John was very knowledgable and had a real passion for the islands history which made the experience so much better for us.

Some of it was derelict and more of it was modernised as it was used as a prison. By this point the number of deaths had drastically reduced to approximately one per month. Firstly an attack by war-ships forcing an entry in to the harbour - either in a raid to destroy shipping or to effect a landing of troops.