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Standardisierungsdynamiken im Fairen Handel by Nadine Arnold download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Knowledge Practice and PoliticsSimic Zana und Fiona

Simic, Zana und Fiona Pedrovic. Knowledge, Practice, and Politics.

Doherty, Bob und Sophi Tranchell. Fair Trade and Mainstreaming. Davies und Sophi Tranchell.

An Introduction to Market Devices. History in Organisation Studies.

Organizational Governance in Hybrid Organizations. Positioning Magazines of Nonprofit Organizations. From Partnership to Traceability.

The Challenges of Transforming Globalization, hrsg. Schimank, Uwe und Ute Volkmann. The article shows how and why economization processes are malleable and not inevitable. Institutional Dynamics of Regulation, hrsg. Formal Structure as Myth and Ceremony.

Murray und John Wilkinson. Historical and Empirical Dimensions. Fair Trade and Social Enterprise. Goodman, David, Melanie E. Der deskriptive Anspruch dieses Sammelwerks besteht darin, verschiedene Teilaspekte des Phanomens einer multikulturellen Gesellschaft in Sudtirol aufzuzeigen.

The descriptive part of the collected edition provides an overview of diverse aspects of the phenomenon of a multicultural society in South Tyrol. Jaffee, Daniel und Philip H. Low, William und Eileen Davenport. German, Italian and English.