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Strategies for Differentiating Instruction by Julia Roberts download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In the end, the main goal is to strive to engage all learners by attempting to match their needs. With a few adjustments, they can be a great way to differentiate instruction. Evaluative questions, which promote further discussion.

The third group is made up of partners who work together to figure out the problem. After some guidance and practice, my students begin to create their own questions to ask during a discussion. The students travel from one task to the next.

She is also the Elementary Education Expert for About. If they figure it out, they walk around the room to offer guidance to the other students. The student will include a detailed picture and a description of the bear including feeding habits and their habitat. My personal favorite is Rush Hour. But the benefits far outweigh the stress it takes in planning for each individual student.

With a few adjustments

The third computer will have the student draw three different types of bears in the video with details including their habitat. They love moving around the room and having their own activity to accomplish. They can recall facts and build confidence. We have a wonderful tech that showed us a great way to differentiate.

Options can include activities, learning centers, independent study, small groups, or others. Their games have several different ability levels. They can also be given choices as to what will be learned or how they will learn the information.

We would love to hear your thoughts. The second computer will create a new undiscovered type of bear. Check with your district to see if you do as well. Choice Activities When students are given a choice of what they want to learn, it can be a great motivator. On each level, I have two different activities, one for the lower to average student and one for the average to higher level thinker.

My students are also given the option to work on their own. The descriptive task cards are colored coded for the ability level. One computer will have an activity with creative writing, having the student pretend they are the bear on the video and writing about their adventure. Here are four teaching strategies I use with my students to ensure that they are all successful. For example, I have the same video clip for bears on all three computers.

In the end the