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This may continue for days

Concealing facts regarding the crisis will in most cases backfire, because the media can uncover them, report the information widely and damage the company further than it was already damaged. These templates will save you time in the moment, even if info changes.

The affected company should also expect customers to be angry and disappointed. In these cases, the company should provide a refund or equal-priced replacement for the product. In our last post on crisis communications planning we laid out a checklist to follow when building your plan and identified social media as an area of special concern.

This was last updated in October Continue Reading About crisis management. That can be as simple as setting up a Google Alert or as complicated as creating a monitor in Crimson Hexagon. Do not make statements that assume, guess or speculate on any aspect of the crisis. Eventually, however, if the principles of crisis management are implemented, sales should be recovered, along with credibility, consumer trust and a restored public image.

The same approach is also urged in response to customer complaints. This may continue for days or weeks after the initial crisis is reported. This is the proven method to successfully defuse such crises and resolve them favorably.

Whatever your situation, there is an appropriate tool. In some cases, a contaminated product should be disposed of, and customers who have purchased such a product should be properly informed. Public Relations Your organization will experience crisis. It may also be necessary to hire a public relations firm or expert consultant in crisis management techniques. Make certain that legal counsel examines all statements before being released.

The same approach