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Successful Muzzleloader Hunting by Peter Schoonmaker download in ePub, pdf, iPad

These tips will help you better prepare to take the elusive bugling bulls of the high country. The bullet never left his body and the shot went through the gut, but hey, it got the job done. Just as importantly, make sure you have comfortable socks that will keep your feet dry from rain and sweat, and prevent your feet from slipping and sliding inside your boots.

Nebraska is a great place with great people. And we topped the rifles with hunting scopes, not target scopes.

You can spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of odor and still stink. Purchase the best lightweight Gore-Tex rain suit you can afford. In the West, especially in the mountains, most of the land has a severe incline and a severe decline.

So, we walked back to the north to retrieve my bag that I had shed on the stalk and looked back south only to see this guy's buddy grazing up on the next canyon south. The data here is a good representation of what you can expect from your own off-the-shelf hunting setup.

After the shot, I didn't think I'd hit him after he and his buck friend didn't react all that much to the shot and trotted off to another canyon to the south. We then looked to our west and the buck was in a bowl, standing by a cedar tree looking right at us. Four staff editors each picked a muzzleloader and two types of bullets.

The truck was back

The truck was back that way anyway, so we proceeded to walk all the way into and around the canyon in hopes of spooking either of them out, to no avail. The trail was light and spattered here and there, but it pointed us into a general direction nonetheless.

He hobbled pretty good to the south and up onto a ridge and stopped, then I let him have it once more and dropped him down a foot ridge into a clearing. The editors of Outdoor Life feel your pain. The Good Lord in His ultimate wisdom created some of the most-beautiful country in the world where elk live.

Get in shape before the hunt to have a successful elk hunt. Somehow I shot a dandy buck with it the next day. Yeah, I violated a bunch of hunting precepts, but it all worked out. Fire is natural, but elk on public lands today are street-smart. Send tips to john bellsouth.

The trail was light