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So at the end of Act I, we're left with this messy love triangle. The Fascists come to power in Hungary. As they walk to Auschwitz they pass a pit of burning babies. Upon their arrival at Buchenwald, Eliezer's father is unable to move.

He lives with his father Shlomo, mother, and three sisters. Eliezer is only concerned with food during his remaining months at Buchenwald. In a cattle car, eighty villagers can scarcely move and have to survive on minimal food and water. He has survived through one of the most horrifying Nazi concentration camps, at Auschwitz, Poland. Eliezer's father asks to go to the bathroom and is clobbered by a kapo.

Fascists gain control in Hungary and

This suggests a degree of anti-Semitism present among the Hungarians, not just their German masters. His instructor, Moshe the Beadle, returns from a near-death experience and warns that Nazi aggressors will soon threaten the serenity of their lives.

Fascists gain control in Hungary and allow the Nazis to come. He has his friend, the equally drunken Sir Andrew, with him. The prisoners are then escorted to Buna, a work camp four hours away. He himself feels the urge to go down the same path, and is instantly overcome by guilt.

Like the others, this one relies on mistaken identity and love mishaps to get laughs. The family's old servant comes to see them and begs them to come to her village and hide. He focuses on how, as a pre-teen and teenage boy, his own profound faith shapes his activities and his priorities. The dentist, he discovers, is hanged. Eliezer catches Idek having sex with a Polish girl.

He has his friend

Moshe the Beadle is a Jew with foreign citizenship. Active Themes All night the Jews in the ghetto prepare themselves for a journey to an unknown destination. They allow German soldiers to enter the country, but in Sighet the Jews remain optimistic.