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Additional wire need to supplement the length of the Auto Meter tach harness came from Painless. The plug end of the tachometer wiring harness was spliced into the Painless wires with butt connectors.

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If it does, then it needs to be mounted further into the dash like mine or a hood could be fabricated and placed on the top of the tachometer. The starting line at Auto Club Dragway had teeth.

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This helps the driver monitor the vehicle and shift gears at the optimum times. Connect the white wire to the instrument panel lighting circuit connected to the dimmer control switch. Strip the end of the trigger wire for the tachometer, and place a female-to-female connector to it. Attach a male connector to the end of the tach trigger wire.

Then a scratch awl was used to punch a hole through the firewall insulation mat for the wiring to pass through. You should be able to do this by accessing the holes for existing wiring harnesses. We powerbraked it slightly, mashed the throttle and let the do its thing. Here is everything that was needed to install the Auto Meter tachometer including the tools that were necessary. Use this connection on vehicles with a distributor.

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Insert the dimmer switch wire into one side of the splice and the white wire coming from the tachometer into the other side. The engine side was the starting point to run the wires from. After disconnecting the battery the next step was to locate an existing hole in the firewall to route the wiring through from the distributor to the tachometer. The pink lead suppliesvolts to the tachometer when the ignition is turned on. Connect the white wire to the dimmer switch control wire by using a wire splice.

Sunpro tachometers are simple to install and should take about an hour to complete. It also appears to be able to withstand some punishment, but unknown if it is as durable as a metal housing. With the engine compartment side coil connected the length of the dashboard side of the wiring harness was ready to cut to length.

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With the original long gone, we built and installed a. Connect the black wire to a clean unpainted ground using a ring terminal or other safe grounding means. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tachometers are devices that measure the revolutions per minute rpm of the engine. Although the Auto Meter tach was installed temporally the wiring we did was done to last for the long run.

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Tip To complete installation of the tachometer, feed the green and red wires through the firewall for connection to the battery and ignition coil. After hook-up, it performed just as well the previous tachometer and has not faltered since. However, with the above setup where the tach S terminal hooks to the negative side of the coil, the needle is bouncy and erratic. Cut the wire from the spool, colleen dating sullivan and strip the end of it with wire strippers. The housing appears to be made of a plastic material and needs to be carefully handled if you don't want the surface damaged It can easily be painted if needed.

The black ground wire in plug that plugs into the back of the tachometer was grounded to the firewall. Viewing from the inside of the firewall notice the sharp end of the scratch awl protruded in an area where it would not damage existing wires. Attach the ground wire for the tachometer to a suitable ground plane on your vehicle.

We used the existing original equipment black plastic sheath along the firewall to conceal the red, black and white tach wires from sight. To prevent creating straggling strands sharp using a sharp pair of cutters, or industrial scissors works best. Connect the green wire to the negative side of the ignition coil.